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Cross-Cultural Relationships

Cross-Cultural Workshop and Counselling in Coburg

Have you ever considered the following questions? Ask yourself -

What does family mean to me?

What does culture mean to me? How will my culture impact on my relationship and family?

Which cross-cultural issues will affect me? (if any)

Which faith will I practice? When it comes to children, will they be christained - my faith or my partner's faith; or both?

If your answer is yes, you need to consider whether these issues are going to be problematic in the future as situations arise where a decision needs to be made and a clash of cultural wills may prevent logic and common sense to prevail.

In collaboration with PRONIA (formerly AGWS), you are invited to attend a workshop addressing issues arising from cross-cultural / family of origin influence on relationships. The program is run in Coburg, Melbourne.

Areas explored

  • Not being accepted by his/her family
  • Not living up to expectations and feeling inadequate or judged
  • Conflict about religious ceremonies
  • Over involved in-laws/parents
  • Isolation and feeling left-out
  • Being cut-off
  • Parenting/grandparenting issues
  • How to improve communication
  • Standing up for yourself without offending
  • Resolving conflict

The manner in which we understand, welcome and communicate difference as a couple will play a major role in determining how effectively we incorporate and deal with cultural issues as they arise in our everyday lives.

Some comments from participants:

“It should be run more often …. Like a refresher course to help married couples” 

“You can relate to the experiences” 

“It is like history repeating itself; we all share similar experiences and react in the same dysfunctional manner – switching off” 

“Kia was non-judgemental, encouraged discussion and made people feel at ease in a safe environment” 

Place: RelateWell Centre, Suite 102, 398 Sydney Road, Coburg

When: Monday 26 June 2017

Time:  6.30 pm to 7.30 pm followed by Q & A

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Course Details

PREPARE Relationship Inventory
Suite 102, 398 Sydney Road, Coburg
10th May
(3:30pm - 5:00pm)

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